Lighting system

Lighting system with infinite uses and combinations. The tubes and connecting pieces that make up the structure of the lights are existing elements derived from the world of photography, known for their ingenious assembly, resistance and ease of assembly. The bases and heads of the luminaires are designed to fit perfectly into the existing structure and bring a whole new use to the object. One light head brings a precise and directional lighting, the other brings a global and warm lighting. Reading lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, suspension lamp, all types of domestic lighting are possible. These lights are completely removable, repairable and interchangeable.


Product design : Projet Standard
Clamps : Small Rig
CGI : Projet Standard
Photography : Maxime Guyon
Art direction : Projet Standard / Maxime Guyon

Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_001
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_002 Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_003
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_004
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_005 Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_006
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_007
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_008
Projet Standard ps_lightingsystem_009