S.A.B. 002

Standard Adaptive Building (S.A.B.) is a project of houses optimized to be easily built in any habitable area, with materials available available locally, integrating perfectly and respecting the data that contextualize each place.
A skeleton common to all, composed only of international construction standards (IPN beams, screws, steel plates, etc.), available in local production, composes the framework.
A specific cladding, specific to each climate and culture, enriched with local standards (wood specific to the location, materials developed only locally) or international standards (corrugated sheets for rain evacuation, insulating walls), is applied according to the specific needs of the house.
The houses developed in this way consist only of standard elements (international or local), economical and reliable.
This housing program seeks to find the right balance between common global knowledge, local economic development, and cultural and climatic particularities.


Greece, Antiparos, Agios Georgios
36°57'30.4 "N 25°03'05.3 "E

This S.A.B. is located on the preserved island of Antiparos, in front of the island of Despotiko where many archaeological sites are present. The climate is Mediterranean, with very moderate rainfall. It is mild in winter with an average of 12 degrees and hot and dry in summer, with temperatures around 25 degrees. The Meltemi, a wind from the north, sometimes strong, blows in the summer. It has been used to cool the houses for centuries. The Greek vegetation, rather rare in the islands but abundant in the north, consists mainly of small Mediterranean shrubs and resinous trees. The house, facing south-east, is situated on a slight slope and has direct access to a private cove.
Particular attention has been paid to the intelligence of the existing local constructions, the archetypal small white Greek house, to design this S.A.B. Its orientation and colour, wind management, insulation and lifestyle are humbly dictated by the existing habitat.

Located in an arid atmosphere, the environment must be used with intelligence (adequacy?) to take advantage of it. A textile cladding protects the building from the Meltemi, while leaving a small window at the back so that the wind can slightly cross the dwelling and refresh it. The interior space is not partitioned to make the most of this natural ventilation. The walls, made of thick sandwich panels, also ensure good insulation against heat. At the front of the S.A.B., a terrace allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the island of Despotiko. To guarantee privacy and protection, a curtain can be deployed along this terrace. A pergola made of small local shrubs protects from the sun during the hottest hours of the day. An outdoor space is thus usable throughout the day.
Entirely white and geometrical, the building avoids storing the sun's rays and integrates perfectly with the local island architecture.


Architecture : Projet Standard
Product design : Projet Standard
CGI : Projet Standard

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